Want to explode your business?

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Zig Ziglar

“Where your focus goes your energy flows” – not sure who said it first, do you know?

In the business world today there are two approaches to conducting your business, you can be focused on the transaction or you can be focused on the relationship. Both of these approaches are costly, but they are costly in different ways…

Here’s how they break down…

A transaction focus is a flash in the pan, it can give you immediate results but Its a short term focus that is costly to your pocket book and its costly to your relationships. In this approach your focus is on getting from rather than adding to. Your business is boom and bust, handcuffed to the market, you have a low retention or repeat client base and you have a very small number of referrals. This leaves you constantly hunting cold relationships because cold relationships are your life blood.
Its the hamster on the wheel approach always working to stay in the same place. Its like treading water. All of your energy goes into maintaining. Its working harder not smarter. Thats not to say that you can’t grow your business with a transaction focus, because you can always invest more money on sexy marketing plans, or develop marketing gimmicks to coerce people, or cut your costs to attract the low value consumers, or you can invest more of your time.

are those the clients that you want to work with?

Is that the lifestyle philosophy you want to live?

It all comes back to your philosophy for business. It comes back to why you do what you do. The alternative to the transaction focus is the relationship focus. In this approach you are focused on giving, on taking interest in those you serve, on becoming better so you can enhance the clients experience with your product or service. If you have really nailed this approach the enhanced client experience goes beyond just an enhanced experience with your product or service and flows into positively affecting their life.

This is how you build a long term sustainable business. This philosophy is about sincerely taking interest and adding value. When you do this the people you work with trust you and they not only want the same experience again for themselves they also want their friends and family to have the same experience. This philosophy may take longer to generate momentum. Its like the snow ball rolling down the hill because the work is front loaded and creating the snow ball is a costly endeavour. You have to become a person of value so you can add value and you need to grow no only the number of relationships you have but also the depth of those relations. However, as the snow ball picks up speed it grows organically and the laws of nature work to grow the snow ball (gravity & attraction – in case you were wondering). In the same way if you, through your business, help enough other people get what they want out of life then your business will start to grow organically and clients will start coming to you.

Choose the lifestyle you want then adapt the philosophy which will help you live out that lifestyle. Its your choice.